Saturday, November 22, 2014


Since I'm up and thinking about it, I might as well blog right?

So, the question of the day:
What did you play today?

It's 7:30am and I've been up already for 3 hours. On my day/night off.

John has a cough. It woke him up so he woke up the world.


SO I've been playing the lovely game of "don't flip your shit because you woke up at 4:freaking:30" ... and Sims FreePlay.

I can't help it. I love my Sims.

My town is currently inhabited by the three of us as well as characters from Doctor Who, Agatha Christie novels, and Harry Potter. 

I'm such a nerd.

As it turns out, my kid is, too.

Our big fun plan for this morning? In about an hour we head out the door to take a bus downtown because our school district has hooked up with FirstBook and today he gets to go pick out free books! It says "up to ten books per family" and I'm not sure if he'll be allowed the full ten or less because he's an only child.... but even if it's two books he walks away with and loves it'll be worth the trip!

Friday, November 21, 2014

It's so dang HARD ...

I mentioned early this morning (well, technically, yesterday morning) that I joined a group on GoodReads that was going to throw my planned holiday reading out of whack.

Well ... it's also helping to answer the question of the day!

What did you give up on today?

And today is the day that I (at least temporarily) agree to give up on the obsession for reading books in order. No. Matter. What.

This evening I started reading book #6 of the series in question. I may fly through it and squeeze in #7. And then? On the 24th the discussions open up in the group for .... are you ready for this??? (Am I???) ... 


Oh good grief. I kinda want to do nothing but read between now and then so I have them all done.

It's giving me palpitations. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Impressions ... and a source of Inspiration already!

Today's question:
What impression did you make on others today?

Well, I recently rejoined SparkPeople and when you first join they immediately try to suck you into different "teams" based on when you joined, where you're from, what gadgets you may have linked to your account, etc. 

I posted on the wall for the team of people who had signed up the same week that I had that I was having trouble getting focused. Apparently I made the impression of being in need of serious help because the Mod for that team immediately took me under her wing and told me about another team that she runs that I have since joined.

And that's looking like it'll be a HUGE source of inspiration for me already!

When introducing herself to me one of my new teammates mentioned that she's taking a month off to focus on other things a bit. 

Hmmmmm ... 

Sound familiar?

Like, maybe my whole "Focus ... not obsession" bit from a month ago? (Exactly a month from yesterday, to be exact!)

This was my reply:

Exactly a month from yesterday I decided to de-stress about stuff ... I stopped one of my blogs pretty much completely because it was too much stress ... and I stopped tracking & worrying about macros because it was too much stress. I think I might have a month long limit on not stressing before THAT becomes a stress in itself! LOL!!! 
I think the thing I need/want to work on re-establishing first is eating. Not necessarily eating according to one plan or another (although I've been toying with the idea of trying carb cycling again) ... but just EATING. I get so busy with life and trying to squeeze in sleep when I can that sometimes I just plain old forget to eat. Last night at work, for instance, I had a can of soup that I had taken with me but kept getting distracted and before I knew it it was "too late" (although I work alone and can really eat whenever I want to because I get no real break). I got home around 7:30am, got my son on the bus around 8:45, made his lunch for school for tomorrow & was in bed by 10am. Just woke up 20 minutes ago to get him OFF the bus at 3:15 and guess what? I STILL HAVEN'T EATEN!!! Since, like, 5pm yesterday. I've had copious amounts of coffee and water and the scraps from cutting the crusts off of John's sandwich .... but no actual food. 
Okay. Going to go make something ... NOW!
Of course, I didn't go make something ... I stopped by here to blog.


NOW I go make something. Well, I grab something smallish to shove in my pie hole since John's bus will be here before I know it. Maybe oatmeal .... NOW.

My Thing is getting jumbled ... again!

I thought I was all planned out for my end-of-year/holiday reading for this year .... and then just a little bit ago I found & joined a group on GoodReads (and I didn't even realize they HAD groups) that's planning a discussion based on books as yet unpicked ... but it's looking pretty good that one of them will be from the Coffeehouse Mysteries series I've been reading off and on. I may attempt to fly through as much as those as I can in hopes of being at least closer to being caught up! I have this thing about reading series in order if at all possible....

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The question of the day is:
What inspires you?
It's a tough one right now since I haven't been feeling very inspired to do more than sleep lately. Motivation I have plenty of ... it's the inspiration that's been lacking a bit. They aren't, after all, interchangeable beings.

This is something I definitely have to think on, work on, and touch back on at a later point. 

Midweek update time!

Blog: Stick with the questions from Get It Scrapped -- I seem to be doing pretty okay with this, huh?
Book: Finish the next two Janacek shorts, at least a third of Hercule Poirot's Christmas -- may not happen. I'm just now finishing the first Janacek short for the week. Maybe I'll watch less and read more at work tonight if it doesn't make my eyes too tired.
Diet: Eat more regularly at home AND at work. It was almost 2pm today before I realized I'd only had coffee -- I'm still not eating enough, but I am eating more. That's something, right? Maybe if I start blogging my work lunches again now that the other blog has been revived it'll help ...
Fitness: 200+ again -- Sitting at 95 minutes right now. I keep meaning to Wii Fit Plus or Bike or TurboJam or SOMETHING ... but then we get back to the whole uninspired mess of being me.