Monday, July 28, 2014

Maybe I'm not a slacker after all!

Have you ever felt like you haven't done much of anything at all? I have that feeling all the time ... but for July it seems those feelings are totally without reason! Granted, I haven't been doing TurboJam or my Wii Fit like I've wanted to (never EVER get a tattoo in the bend of your arm!) ... but check THIS awesomeness out:
(Of course, you can see this anytime you want to by clicking the Activity Accountability tab at the top)

My August Thing of doing the 1500in31 NoExcuses challenge isn't nearly as scary for me anymore. Even though John will be off school for most of the month so I'll be beyond exhausted, he is my biggest motivator and will get me up and moving even when I don't really want to. Plus there's his recent obsession with our public pool which ends up being a double workout thanks to the walk to/from and the actual pool time! I'll have to remember to start keeping track of the bike time as well as the bike mileage .... but, thankfully, even if I forget to check the clock display on the bike I'll be able to get a pretty close count from my BodyBugg.

Friday I'll be weighing and measuring and may even do a pre-1500 picture. The scale has been yo-yoing again this month (as per usual), but I'm not too bent out of shape over it. I've been danged active and I feel danged great about that!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Dusty Things

I was down in our basement earlier doing laundry and noticed some of my dusty old "As Seen Of TV" impulse buys from years gone by scattered here and there.

Remember Tony Little? The "You Can Do It" guy?
I have his Rock and Roll Stepper down there under a pile of stuff (very similar to this one).

What about the Bun & Thigh Roller?
Yep. That's down there, too.

No fitness infomercial weakness would be complete without some Body By Jake, right? Yeah ... I totally got sucked into the whole Cardio Cruiser craze once upon a time.

Oh ... and I have an old t-shirt hanging off of some strange leg thing that I'm even kind of embarrassed to admit I own ... but at least that I didn't spend money on. It was a present from someone who thought it would be a nice addition to my "stuff that will never work the way they claim" collection. We don't speak to each other anymore. 

With that new challenge thing starting in a week I thought very briefly about dusting off the things in the basement to add to the mix for a few extra minutes here and there. After all, 1500 minutes in 31 days is a lot and more than a bit intimidating ... but I did just start reading Diana Gabaldon's Outlander finally so that should prove to add some quality pedaling time and any day now the tattoo should be healed up enough to let me get back to doing anything with my left arm without wanting to whimper (like TurboJam or Wii Fit stuff) and John's summer school program is done on the 7th (I think) so I may get him to go on some decent walks with me and maybe even hit the city pool a couple of times before it closes up shop for the season. 

Maybe I will drag the Rock N Roll Stepper upstairs, though... It was kinda fun. And how can you not love something linked to some crazy guy saying "You Can Do It!" over and over again?

(Couldn't resist! It's one of my favorite YouTube clips!)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A thing! A thing! I have a new thing! #1500in31 #NoExcuses1500

My dear friend Laurie shared this on her Facebook and I immediately went and signed up for it! 

Click the pic to go get the details and signup stuff and stuff.

I may be clueless when it comes to food things sometimes ... but I love a good fitness challenge!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Basically, run.

No ... not ME. I don't run. It's bad for my knee & my dead guy's tibia. My brain, though, doesn't seem to be able to stop running.

I blame it, in part, on the lack of sleep. I think I may have dozed for about 10 minutes during the movie but that was it until Tom got home from work. Pretty much he came home and I passed out. My brain, though ... still doing an awful lot of running.

I know I just said last night that I don't do well with set goals -- which is true. I also don't do well without them. It's all a bit, well, wibbly wobbly.

Ten years ago I was pretty much kicking ass with this whole weight loss thing as I'd mentioned a couple of weeks ago. (Jiminy! Has it really only been a couple of weeks since that post? It seems like soooo much longer.) That realization, of course, led me to dusting thee ol' Weight Watchers & Wendie Plan guidelines and it's all been well and good ... more or less. My problem, you see, is trying to do that which I know (albeit with calories instead of Points) with the LCHF cycling which ...... I just can't afford easily right now. Well, I can if I want to eat eggs all the time. I love eggs but I also love (and miss) pasta. And oatmeal. And too many eggs give me stinky gas.

So. Wibbly wobbly.

Back in the days of kickass-ness I could eat whatever without worrying as long as it fit my Points. I'm still not going back to Weight Watchers. BUT I keep hearing about this thing called IIFYM -- If It Fits Your Macros which appears to be a calorie/macro-centric equivalent of sorts. It's almost a complete turn around from what I've been doing but maybe it will be easier on my brain than the cycling .... and easier on my wallet than the LCHF .... and I think that this last week of July I'll think about setting some physical goals for August and start easing into what the calculator at IIFYM spit at me.

I know. It seems like every time I turn around I'm changing plans altogether or, at the very least, tweaking the bejeepers out of something. I'm just really tired of the yo-yoing. Something has to work for me ... mentally and physically (and financially), right? It's pretty obvious that I haven't nailed it yet. I'm basically exactly where I was almost a full year ago when the Bugg went back on:

It's completely terrifying, but it's so, so exciting
He said I was brilliant and I could change the world
So many places I've been; there's so much more to see
We've got galaxies and planets and moons
And an awful lot of running to do

[Totally Funny Quinky-Dink Time: When I was just over pulling the link for my post about Wendie I noticed in my blog list that my friend over at Ditch The Excuses is also talking about IIFYM! Must be something in the air!]

Hours Later Post-Script: You know what? Screw the worrying about macros and all that crap. I'm going to eat. I'm going to track. I'm going to exercise. I'm going to have deficits. THAT'S my thing.